Indaco Models is born from obsession: to tell stories at all costs.

One could even say in this case that story and obsession intertwine.

The stories visited me in childhood, during the hours of sleep, and still today keep me company.

Some might call them nightmares:  gloomy visions, landscapes burnt by an eternal sunset, surreal and dreadful creatures, or painful events relived through the bittersweet flavour of the dream world’s language.

Personally, I’ve always loved those visits.

Often the boundaries between dream and reality became fluid and a fragment of that Ambered World stayed with me even at awakening, reminding me to look at life with the eyes of a child.

Thus is my obsession. My story.

I wish to narrate it by creating the best resin miniatures offered to you, in hopes that by painting them, you’ll be able to grasp a small piece of that fascinating, dreamscape world.

And, have fun along the way!